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Tara Koob


About Me

Major: Chemical Engineering
Explored: Biomedical, ISE, Materials Science, FABE, Finance, International Business
Class Rank: 4
Involvement:  Honors, STEP, Kappa Alpha Theta, SWE
Hometown: Mason, OH

My Academic Path

I came into OSU as Engineering Undeclared because I did not know if I wanted to do engineering or business. After loving my science courses freshman year, I decided that engineering would be better for me over business. I also figured out that I liked chemistry and biology more than physics or computer science, which is how I was able to narrow down the engineering disciplines to five. After that I did a lot of research on what those majors did after graduation. I knew that I wanted to work with people and not do research, and I also talked to friends that had completed internships in these majors and discussed with them what these were like. After all of this, I was able to conclude that Chemical Engineering was the best suited for me.