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Anthony Kwa

  • Student Research Assistant, Mechanical & Aerospace Engr
  • Undergraduate TA, Mechanical & Aerospace Engr


About Me

Major: Aerospace Engineering and Aviation
Explored: Mechanical Engineering
Class Rank: 3
Involvement:  Phi Sigma Pi, Singapore Student Association, Sigma Gamma Tau
Work Experience: GearLab
Hometown: Singapore

My Academic Path

I was confident that I wanted to do Aerospace but I wasn't sure if a double major in Aviation would be ideal or possible. I started by talking to advisors in both majors and came up with a 4-year solid plan to ensure that I am able to graduate on time even with my double major. I also took intro classes to get a feel for the Aviation major and talked to some of the professors. I also talked to some seniors to get a feel of what I was supposed to expect, and which semester requires more precaution when choosing classes. I am now on track to completing it but the possibility of doing the combined degree program BS/MS might make me go through this process again.