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Ankit Langalia

  • Student Flight Assistant, University Airport


About Me

Major: Aviation
Explored: Aerospace, Civil, Computer Science & Engineering
Class Rank: 4
Involvement:  SCOPE Aviation, Buckeye Tennis
Hometown: Solon, OH

My Academic Path

Exploring what resources Ohio State has to offer helped me a lot. I didn't even know it had its own airport until a couple of months into the first semester. I always wanted to become a pilot and when I found out about the OSU aviation program I immediately signed up for it. I talked to the airport instructors and my ground school instructor, and explored the airport website to get all details. Computer Science was getting tough on my grades even though I liked it.  I had very good grades in all the aviation classes I was distracting myself with though. I feel extremely satisfied with my decision and am 100% motivated to pursue this field.