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Spencer Lohmeier


About Me

Major: Industrial & Systems Engineering
Explored: Civil, Mechanical, Business
Class Rank: 4
Involvement:  IISE, Club Dodgeball
Work Experience: The Kroger Company
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

My Academic Path

When I came to OSU, I was in Engineering Undecided because I knew I was interested in engineering but I wasn't 100% sold on any major yet. I was also still considering business at the time. From the moment I read about it online prior to coming to OSU, I always had ISE in the back of my mind; to me it felt like the perfect mix of engineering and business. What made me officially decide to pursue this path is looking at the possible jobs that I could have when I graduate. I talked to my undecided advisor and she pushed me in the direction of talking to the ISE advisor. I believe that conversation is what ultimately helped me decide. She talked to me about all the classes that I would be able to take in the major, and they interested me because I could see their application to the real world. My program is amazing, the people, the professors and my classmates who have turned into my best friends, along with the classes I take. I am always excited to learn!