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Casey Nitschke

  • Student Instr Asst 2, Computer Science & Engineering


About Me

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Minor: Business
Explored: CSE
Class Rank: 4
Involvement: Scholars, Our World (WOW) program, Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers
Work Experience: Emerson, Honda
Hometown: Dublin, OH

My Academic Path

When I first started at OSU, I came in as a CSE pre-major. After taking Software 1 during my first semester, I realized I did not enjoy what I was learning and quickly realized I wanted to do something different for my career path. I knew I wanted to stay in engineering because I enjoyed ENGR 1181 but was unsure as to what engineering to try next. After talking to advisors and my parents, I decided to switch into Industrial & Systems Engineering at the end of my first semester. I am still in ISE today and am extremely glad I made the switch.