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Camryn Ovsek


About Me

Major: Chemical Engineering
Explored: Biomedical, Civil, Environmental, FABE, Business
Class Rank: 3
Involvement:  Honors, STEP, UG Research, Kappa Alpha Theta, AIChE, Adopt-a-School, College Mentors for Kids
Study Abroad: Ireland
Hometown: Cleveland, OH

My Academic Path

When I first came to OSU, I was very indecisive about choosing my engineering discipline and if I wanted to pursue an engineering degree at all. I met with an undeclared engineering advisor, an APP, my engineering professors, and took the assignments in my survey class seriously to help me decide. I discussed with my TAs and other upperclassman about their likes and dislikes about their major and what opportunities they felt it gave. Everyone was very helpful and supportive. Although engineering is hard work, I enjoy the courses and am fascinated by what I am learning. I was set on environmental engineering but knew it was a niche major, and I loved chemistry. After realizing I could take environmentally focused technical electives in the chemical engineering major, I decided on chemical. Now being more in the major and having my CBE core classes, I am very happy and know I have made the right decision. However, it took me two years to truly get to this point!