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Victoria Sipe

  • Student Admin Assistant, University Catering


About Me

Major: Chemical Engineering
Explored: Computer Science, Electrical & Computer, Environmental, Idustrial & Systems Engineering, Business
Class Rank: 4+
Involvement:  Scholars, AlChE, SWE
Work Experience: Roche, Pratt and Whitney, PSE&G
Hometown: Millington, NJ

My Academic Path

I originally entered as an Electrical & Computer Engineering major, mainly because I liked circuits in high school. During my first semester, I quickly realized I did not like physics and ECE was not the right fit. Once I realized that, I did an exploratory semester the first semester of my sophomore year. I was stuck between Chemical Engineering or Computer Science & Engineering, so I took Chem 1220 and Software 1 to decide which I enjoyed better. I also talked to older students in both majors to gain an understanding of which was a better fit for me. After that semester, I realized I was better suited for Chemical Engineering and entered the major the next semester.