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Maya Tamaskar

  • Student Assistant 2, COE College Advancement


About Me

Major: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Explored: Computer Science, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Mathematics, Data Analytics
Class Rank: 3
Involvement:  OUAB, SWE
Work Experience: Lake Shore Cryotronics
Hometown: Hilliard, OH

My Academic Path

I started off as a math major because I always enjoyed math. But I began to question what my future would look like and wasn’t sure if math was right for me. I knew quite a few people who were doing engineering, and what they were learning, the classes they were taking, and the sense of community that they had really appealed to me. I didn’t know which engineering major to pursue, so I met with an Engineering Undecided advisor, who walked me through a presentation that outlined all of the majors. After going online and looking at the specific courses and researching internships and career options for each field, I ended up deciding Electrical & Computer Engineering because it gave me the best of both worlds of the problem solving and math background needed for electrical, while also having exposure to programming and software.