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Diego Valenzuela

  • Student Research Assistant, Chemistry and Biochemistry


About Me

Major: Food, Agricultural, & Biological Engineering
Explored: Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Business, Biochemistry
Class Rank: 4
Involvement:  BMES, Minds Matter, Food Science Club
Hometown: Hudson, OH

My Academic Path

I had started with a pre-major in BME with a pre-med professional. After my first semester, I decided that I did not want to pursue medical school so I dropped pre-med. Due to the competitiveness of Biomedical Engineering, I was unable to get in the major. When I set up a meeting about what to do next, my advisor turned me to Biological Engineering in FABE and suggested to pursue a BME minor. I never heard of FABE until then and when I took their coursework, I learned about all the interesting opportunities they had to offer. In my survey class for BME, we did not talk much about the other majors so I was not able to learn much about them until I researched them myself.