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Amy Vennetti


About Me

Major: Chemical Engineering
Class Rank: 3
Involvement:  Zeta Tau Alpha, SWE, CHAARG
Study Abroad: Greece
Hometown: Westlake, OH

My Academic Path

I decided on pursuing a Chemical Engineering degree before coming into college. I personally didn't want to come into school completely undecided and my father suggested CBE due to my interests in math and science. It was described to me as such a broad major since there are so many diverse paths you could take with a Chemical Engineering degree. I second guessed my major quite a few times until I started researching companies, and attending different info meetings held by SWE. I finally realized that I specifically wanted to work with food or consumer products. It’s been a long, hard path, but I finally think I've found what I want to do after college so it was definitely worth it.