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Emily Weidman

  • Student Assistant 1, Civil, Envir & Geod Eng


About Me

Major: Environmental Engineering
Explored: Biomedical, Chemical, FABE
Class Rank: 4
Involvement:  Scholars, STEP, UG Research, SWE, Office Assistant for dorms, student assistant with Energy Sustainability Services
Work Experience: Logan County Solid Waste Management District, Delaware County Regional Sewer District, Honda Transmission Manufacturing
Hometown: Rushsylvania, OH

My Academic Path

When choosing my major, I spoke to upperclassmen in each of the majors I was interested in and asked them what their classes were like, what kinds of internships they had, and their plans for after graduation. I also visited the websites for each major to look at the curriculum and bingo sheets. This helped me get an idea of what classes would be like for each major. After completing my first year at OSU, I reflected on which of my classes I enjoyed most, what kinds of classes I wanted to take in the future, and what kind of work I wanted to do with my degree.