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Project or Research in Grand Challenge Theme

Students must select a project or research activity that addresses one of the fourteen Grand Challenges. OSU has multiple undergraduate research opportunities in which students can participate. Independent study projects that are engineering design-related may also be approved for this component but a student may not double count the same project for credit in a required course (such as capstone design) and this program. Departments through the College of Engineering offer credit to students involved in faculty research or independent study. Financial support is also available to students through the College of Engineering, the Undergraduate Research Office, and through some independent faculty research groups. Those who choose to pursue research distinction at OSU have the opportunity to apply for grants from the College of Engineering to fund their work. The College is willing to appropriate some of that money to be geared solely towards students seeking distinction in GCSP. The exact amount will be varied based on how many students pursue the program and if the university is able to privately fund the program through its external resources.

The research component is required to be an in-depth engagement. The student may fulfill this requirement by completing at least six credit semester hours of research relevant to a student’s proposed Grand Challenge (equivalent to 270 hours of research work) with a satisfactory (if taken as a pass/fail course) rating or a grade of C or above. Students can also partake in a full time research based internship/co-op for eight weeks, or a full time eight week REU that addresses one of the fourteen Grand Challenges. Students at Ohio State can graduate with research distinction or honors research distinction which will also fulfill this component.


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