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The Pre-Major Program

All students entering Ohio State in the College of Engineering enroll in the Pre-Major Program. During your time as a pre-major student, you will enroll in math, science, and engineering courses that are foundational to the major (or majors) you are exploring. Through courses such as the Fundamentals of Engineering sequence you will learn more about the many specailziations within the field of engineering and "test drive" majors to see which subject area fits interests you the most.

If you are a new first-year student, you can select a pre-major for a specific engineering discipline or begin in the Engineering Undeclared pre-major program. Your standing the college is exactly the same. The difference is the type of academic advising support you will receive. Students in specific pre-majors (e.g. Welding Pre-Major, Chemical Pre-Major) will work with an academic advisor in that specific department. That advisor can provide specialized, in-depth information about curricular planning through graduation in that program. This program is best for students who come to campus with a preferred major in engineering already in mind and want to learn more about that specific discipline. Students in the Engineering Undeclared pre-major program will work with academic advisors who can provide broader information about exploring majors and planning for multiple programs through the first two years of the curriculum. This advising is best for students who are interested in engineering, but are unsure which major to pursue and want advising support to explore a wide range of majors.

When you complete your application to The Ohio State University, be sure to indicate that you intend to enroll in The College of Engineering, either in a specific engineering discipline (e.g. mechanical engineering) or in Enginering Undeclared. Students who do not indicate the College of Engineering on their OSU application may not be able to switch into the College of Engineering for their first term, regardless of their academic profile. 

If you have been admitted to the College of Engineering and want to change to a different pre-major than the one you indicated on your application, contact Undergraduate Admissions at 614-292-3980 or

If you are a new transfer student, you will need to choose a specific pre-major program, since you have completed at least one year of college coursework and are quickly approaching the point where you will need to apply to your specific major.

Once you are on campus, changing between pre-major programs is easy! We know that  exploring majors is a fluid process for you. Some students change their minds about the major they initially preferred as they learn more about the discipline and want to explore different majors. Other students begin their first semester completely undecided and identify their preferred major by the week of final exams. As your exploration process develops, you can change your pre-major simply by contacting an academic advisor in your new pre-major of interest. Your advisor will update your official pre-major for the next term and assign you a new academic advisor in your new program. Also remember that you can talk with academic advisors in any pre-major program, regardless of your official pre-major program at the time! We encourage all students to identify both an intended major and an alternate major by the end of their first year. This will help you move towards graduation efficiently, in case you find that you don't enjoy the upper-level coursework of your first major or find one major competitive for admission.

After  you have decided on your intended major and  completed all pre-major coursework for that program, you will submit an application to the major program. Admission to each major in the College of Engineering is competitive and is based primarily on your performance in critical coursework. You will learn more about the admission to major process through Engineering 1100, a course taught by your academic advisor that covers important information about Ohio State and the College of Engineering. You will take Engineering 1100 during your first term at Ohio State.