College of Engineering Pre-Major Program


Students interested in pursuing engineering at Ohio State indicate their engineering major of interest on their application.  Applicants are reviewed holistically by Ohio State Undergraduate Admissions.  All students entering Ohio State in the College of Engineering enroll in the Pre-Major Program, enabling students to explore our 14 majors through both their coursework and information sessions.  As pre-majors, students will:

  • ·complete foundational coursework that includes the Fundamental of Engineering course sequence, calculus and, for most majors, physics and/or chemistry.
  • ·engage with faculty, academic advisors and peers to explore options, and learn how several engineering majors can lead to similar career outcomes.
  • ·select and apply to three majors of interest during the semester that eligibility courses are completed, which can  occur during the second semester of enrollment or during the second year.

Applicants to the major program are evaluated on academic performance as demonstrated by their cumulative GPA, along with their response to three essay questions. 

High school seniors applying to the Columbus campus are encouraged to submit their complete admission application by November 1. Capacity within Engineering fills quickly.

Students who do not indicate the College of Engineering on their OSU application may not be able to switch into the College of Engineering for their first term due to capacity limitations, regardless of their academic profile. 

If you have been admitted to the College of Engineering and want to change to a different pre-major than the one you indicated on your application, contact Undergraduate Admissions at 614-292-3980 or