Transfer Students

If you are attending another college or university and intend to apply to Ohio State, you are considered a transfer student. The Ohio State University and the College of Engineering welcomes transfer students, and we want to make sure all students find a program that is the best fit for them.

Before transferring to The Ohio State University’s College of Engineering, please make sure you can answer the following questions:

Have I explored all of my engineering major options?

  • The College of Engineering offers fourteen major programs which span the breadth of careers within the profession. Visit to learn about each major.

Do I meet the admission criteria for the university, the College of Engineering, and my major?

  • Students who apply to transfer to Engineering at Ohio State should learn about criteria for admission to the university, enrollment in Engineering pre-majors, and the Engineering majors. 
    • Application and Admission to The Ohio State University
      • Visit to learn about the university’s application process, admission criteria for transfer students, and to complete your application.
    • Enrollment in an Engineering Pre-Major
      • If you are admitted to Ohio State as a pre-major in a specific engineering discipline, you will enroll in math, science, and engineering courses that are foundational to the major you intend to pursue. For a list of admission criteria for transfer students to start in an engineering pre-major, please visit
    • Application to an Engineering Major
      • After you have completed all pre-major coursework (or nearly completed depending on your program) for your intended major, you will submit an application to the major program. Admission to each major in the College of Engineering is competitive and is based primarily on your performance in critical coursework. Visit to learn about the major application process, prerequisite coursework, and competitive GPAs for each program.

How will my credit transfer?

  • You can find major curriculum sheets at and use to find matches for the required courses review course equivalencies between your current institution and Ohio State. Make the most of your time by taking courses that will transfer as direct equivalents to requirements at Ohio State.
  • The Engineering curriculum is highly sequential, and in many situations cannot be condensed. Most transfer students in the College of Engineering should anticipate completing three to four years of coursework at Ohio State after a foundation in course sequences such as calculus, calculus-based physics, chemistry, and introduction to engineering. Before you transfer, focus on completing critical sequential coursework, including:

                Engineering 1181, 1182: Introduction to Engineering

                Math 1151, 1152, 1172, 2153: Calculus

                Physics 1250: Calculus-Based Physics

                Chemistry 1210, 1220, 1250:  General Chemistry

                English 1110.01: First Writing Composition

  • Save course materials
    • Keep materials from all courses you complete, including: course syllabus, name of textbook, course calendar/topics list, exams, project notebooks, final papers, presentations. After you apply to transfer, you may need to submit these materials to a Transfer Credit Coordinator in the relevant academic department at Ohio State to evaluate your coursework for course equivalencies.

How can I schedule a campus visit?

  • Go to to schedule a visit. If your current institution offers any outreach programs, such as college fairs or advising sessions for students planning to transfer to Ohio State, be sure to take advantage by participating.