What is Academic Advising

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Your academic advisor is here to help you make the most of your academic experience at The Ohio State University! You will find a wide swath of exciting opportunities here at Ohio State and in the College of Engineering.  As you learn more about your interests, your advisor can guide you through exploring these academic programs and finding majors that fit with your interests and talents. 

In certain ways, your academic advisor in college will be different than your guidance counselor in high school. While both professionals work towards the goal of student academic success, your academic advisor acts as a resource for you as you make decisions about your education. The academic advising partnership is highly collaborative with you (the student) in the driver's seat for your academic decisions.

The academic advising programs in the College of Engineering are staffed with professionals who support you in areas such as:

  • exploring majors and related careers 
  • discussing concerns and creating strategies to improve academic performance
  • connecting with academic resources on campus
  • integrating degree requirements and co-curricular opportunities into your college career
  • reviewing policies and procedures at Ohio State affecting your coursework, enrollment, academic standing, and progress toward graduation

Once you are on campus, plan to meet with your academic advisor at least once a semester to check in, assess your progress plan for the upcoming semester, and discuss opportunities for enhancing your experience at Ohio State.