The Center for Aviation Studies is excited to work with you on your academic journey here at Ohio State.

Where is the advising office located?

Office Location: 230 Bolz Hall
Email: castellucci.5@osu.edu
Visit the department's website

Our advising office does not offer walk-in hours. If you are a current student and have a question or need to schedule an appointment, please email Emily Castellucci.5@osu.edu.

When should I schedule an appointment?

Appointments are great for in-depth advising, as they are scheduled in advance and can last up to 30 minutes at a time. You should schedule an appointment for topics like:

  • Completing a course projection or petition (SAP appeal, ROTC projection, etc.)
  • Talking through decisions and weighing options
  • Planning your courses and scheduling
  • Exploring majors and minors
  • Checking on your progress and performance


When should I email my advisor?

Emailing your advisor with questions you have is another great way to connect. Keep in mind that, due to the limitations of written communication, conversing over email is not the same as talking one-on-one with your advisor in person. As a general rule, stick to questions that are primarily transactional in nature: 

  • adding or dropping a class
  • asking for a copy of a form
  • verifying a course equivalency
  • sending documentation such as a signed course enrollment permission slip or a request to drop a class

Always contact your advisor directly through your OSU Buckeyemail. Advisors are not able to respond to academic questions to an external email address, due to FERPA. Also, external email addresses may be filtered into your advisor's junk folder. OSU Buckeyemail is the only way to communicate electronically with your advisor.

How do I change into the pre-major?

Please schedule an appointment to learn more about the program and change into the pre-major.

Are you a student who is not in the College of Engineering? If so, please review the admission requirements to change into the College of Engineering pre-major program


Our Advising Staff

Emily Castellucci

Emily Castellucci

Academic Advisor

Advises: all aviation major, pre-major and minor students

230 Bolz Hall